A big woof of welcome to HACHI!  Hachi is an online designer pet store based in Melbourne, Australia. They  supply designer pet accessories such as dog fashion, dog costumes, dog collars, dog leads, dog beds, dog blankets, as well as all sorts of treats and toys for your dog. Hachi had a competition when they started… Read More

10 reasons why she is my best friend


Me and my best friend have been together since we were 15. I just can’t believe that it’s more than a decade now! And here are the top 10 things why I love my best friend: 1. I trust her with all my deep secrets, and she trust me with all of hers. She know every embarrassing thing that… Read More

Top 10 things to do in Rome


Two things I love: traveling and lists! Whenever I go on an adventure, I like to make lists of things that I want to do. Of course, I like to leave room for spontaneity, but I try to make sure every second of my vacation is spent having a blast. We stayed in Rome for… Read More